Cityblocks Review

We were contacted by a blogger recently about our GreenvilleCityblocks esty store. She has written a review the 16-oz Greenville Stainless Travel Mug as well as the 10-oz Greenville Bistro Mug that we are very excited about. We have also sent her two items, an X-Large Greenville T-Shirt and a Greenville Recyclable Tote that she will be using in a giveaway on her blog Check out our review and register to win one of the two items in the giveaway!

If you miss out on the giveaway don’t worry. You can visit out Esty store and get one of these two things and so much more for yourself or a friend. The Big Green Block is a great gift!

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Have you every heard of Well its the same idea as ebay. You put pictures of the item that you want to sell and they post them for you on their site. A big difference between the two, is that caters to handmade/handcrafted products that are something original being sold by the owner. Etsy has 31 different categories that can fit the description of the item that you are looking to sell. We decided etsy was a great way for us to sell online and make it more convenitent for all of you to see all of the products that Cityblocks has to offer. Please go check out our etsy store. If you have any questions about anything please comment or call.

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